Dra. Maria Nazaré Lima Mascarenhas e Dr. José Menck

Our firm’s history dates back over 60 years when José Menck and Maria Nazaré Lima Mascarenhas started their practice in Public and Administrative Law and Real Estate. Later, with José Thadeu Mascarenhas Menck, the firm developed a strong practice in other areas as Tax Law, Non-for-Profit Entities Law, Contracts and Litigation and, more recently, with Antonio Garbelini Junior, the firm expanded its practice areas to Competition, Antitrust and International Trade.


José Menck


Jose Menck was graduated from the Faculty of Law of Niteroi in Rio de Janeiro and in Economic Sciences from the State Faculty of Rio de Janeiro and a he was a bachelor of Science in Accounting. He was a Federal Deputy in the legislatures from 1959 to 1962, and from 1963 to 1966.

As a lawyer, he was the patron of religious organizations and assistance of the State of São Paulo and companies of national scope. The Office has his name

Maria Nazaré Lima Mascarenhas


She graduated from the Faculty of Law of Rio de Janeiro and in Economics from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Guanabara. She was the first woman to graduate from her hometown, the city of Crateús – Ceará. She was a prosecutor for the Federal District. He worked in Administrative, Family and Labor Law. Her name composed the denomination of the Office.



José Thadeu Mascarenhas Menck

Partner – Brasília

José Thadeu Mascarenhas Menck is lawyer and economist, graduated from the University of Brasília (UnB). He is a specialist in Tax Law and Policy and in Financial Management by the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). Ministered classes in the Postgraduate course Civil Lawyer of FGV, Brasília Nucleus. He is the author of articles dealing with tax immunities and the regulation of non-profit legal entities, published in magazines and specialized books, as well as a lecturer on these subjects at the invitation of several national organizations. In addition to the area of ​​Tax Law, he works in Administrative Law, Labor Law, Legislative Process and Canon Law. For almost two decades, it has advised third sector entities, especially religious and charitable organizations.

Antônio Machado de Rezende

Lawyer – Brasília

Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Uberlândia (MG) and a postdoctoral degree in Business Law by UniCEUB and Civil Law and Civil Procedure by Candido Mendes University. He was General Coordinator of Budgets in the Ministry of Planning, Budget, and Management and participated in the Board of Directors of Eletrosul Centrais Elétricas. He works in the areas of Contracts, Succession, Tax Law and Administrative Law

Gustavo Monteiro Fagundes

Lawyer – Brasília

He is specialist in Educational Law, and Legal Consultant of the Latin American Institute of Educational Planning (ILAPE). Minister Professional Qualification Courses in Law and Educational Legislation and is a co-author of the book LDB Annotated and Discussed and Reflections on Higher Education, already in the 2nd edition.

Roseli Seawright

Lawyer – São Paulo

Graduated from the Karnig Bazarian Foundation of the State of São Paulo. Specialized in Civil Law and Agrarian Law, focusing on causes of special procedures. He has extensive experience in extrajudicial interventions for prevention, mediation and conflict resolution.

Maria Cecília Ziliotto


Graduated in Social Work from PUC-SP; Post-Graduated in Social Work by PUC-SP; Specialized in Human Resources Administration by the Social Service Society. As a Consultant in Social Assistance, she provides services to public and private organizations in the areas of Organization and Functioning of Councils and Financial Funds and Organization and Functioning of Benevolent Entities of Social Assistance. Provides advice on social assistance. She was Municipal Secretary of Social Assistance of Bom Jesus dos Perdões and Atibaia (SP) and a member of the Social Council of Social Assistance. He chairs associations related to the area.




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